Berkeley Law Online is unlike most other online education experiences. When you take one of our online courses, you are not a passive observer. You are an active participant in an engaged online community. You will make real connections with students and faculty.

Our online education model has four pillars, all designed to put students at the center of the experience:

Engaging courses

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Our courses use a variety of online tools to make the experience as interactive as possible. Students will experience video lectures, narrated slide show presentations, diagrams and displays, and written text of lectures.

Faculty connections

Faculty and student interaction

A key feature of Berkeley Law Online courses is the direct engagement with faculty. During a typical course, students might connect with instructors through moderated discussions (both synchronous and asynchronous), participate in weekly office hours, and experience live lectures through web conferencing with real-time video, audio and chat.

Student-to-student connections

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Students will begin each course by posting brief video introductions, identifying their location on a map, and connecting with their fellow students by integrating social media tools they already use into their course profile. These features not only foster networking opportunities and provide connections that reach beyond the online course, but create a feeling of community and accountability. Students will also be able to collaborate on classwork by using online document-sharing tools.

The Berkeley community

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Berkeley Law Online seeks to create a strong sense of connection to the vibrant Berkeley Law and UC Berkeley campus community and to engage online students as lifelong learners. The goal is to create a course environment in which online students feel connected to Berkeley Law and the campus. Students are active participants in campus life through access to online campus and school events, relevant news feeds, discussion boards, and social media. Moreover, once you have completed a Berkeley Law course, you’ll have opportunities to stay connected through announcements of future course offerings and Berkeley Law degree and certificate programs.