Succeeding With Online Learning

Online learning can offer many advantages over learning in a physical classroom. But it can also require that students take a different approach to learning, especially if they are also juggling work and family responsibilities. Here are some tips to make sure your online experience is successful.

  1. Online education at Berkeley Law requires you to log-in on a regular basis and connect with your instructor and classmates weekly. Being motivated to manage and complete assignments on time, and to create a schedule to manage course work and due dates are skills that successful online students identify as the most essential.
  2. Make the most of online discussions. Students who incorporate a plan to participate on a regular basis in the discussion areas have greater success in the online classroom.
  3. Develop a time management plan to ensure you have adequate time to participate in your Berkeley Law online course. Successful online students agree that effective time management is one of the most important skills for their learning.
  4. Ask questions. Students should use the discussion and email tools provided in the online class to communicate with their instructor when they have a question.
  5. Use it or lose it. As soon as you read your text and other course material, put it to use and begin the assignments and discussions. It’s easy to forget what you have learned when you let time pass.
  6. Make suggestions. Instructors will sometimes ask the students how they are doing and ask for feedback. Chime in, and give your opinion.
  7. Connect with your classmates. You will have several opportunities to make lasting connections with your fellow learners in your Berkeley Law online course

For more advice on how to make your online experience useful, read this blog post at the UC Online web site.